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Emerald City Episode 1 and 2: Finally a Trans Ozma on American TV

It’s been six months since my last blog post, where I talked about my excitement and trepidation wondering how NBC was going to handle the character of Tip in their mini-series, “Emerald City,” and now I have my answer. Overall … Continue reading

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Tip: the Rose of the Emerald City

I admit, I was not too interested in NBC’s “Emerald City,” miniseries project when the first few glimpses of it appeared online. It looks to be more “Game of Thrones,” or “Lord of the Rings,” than anything Ozzy. But yesterday … Continue reading

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Silver Surfer #1 comic review

So what is a review of the newest Silver Surfer comic doing on an Oz blog? Well read on.  

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My thoughts on Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

On Thursday at 3:00 took in the animated film Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return (not to be confused with the Legends of Oz comic series which is cowboy themed) at the Scotiabank theatre in West Edmonton Mall, this was one … Continue reading

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The music video that started me on Oz — My Oz History Part 1

I just typed up an e-mail discussing a potential panel for the upcoming Winkie Con, in which did two things, discussed my history with Oz and expressed a desire to revive this blog and, start using it. Well I just … Continue reading

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An interesting way to view the 1910 film.

Most of the hardcore Oz fans are familiar the the various Oz Silent films that have been produced, three by Baum himself, one infamously by his son, and of course the first effort (not counting the Fairylogue and Raido Plays … Continue reading

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The Magic Knights of Oz

I’ve been thinking lately about a little fantasy anime and manga called Magic Knight Rayearth. Created by an all female manga circle, Clamp, the series involves three Japanese junior high girls who are transported to a magical country on the … Continue reading

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