The music video that started me on Oz — My Oz History Part 1

I just typed up an e-mail discussing a potential panel for the upcoming Winkie Con, in which did two things, discussed my history with Oz and expressed a desire to revive this blog and, start using it. Well I just typed up some prime blog material didn’t I? Oddly enough the Road to Oz, started in another fandom altogether.

I am a fan of animation, and after high school I was particularly interested in Japanese animation, otherwise known as anime, and being somewhat of an aspiring storyteller myself I quickly got interested in a fan art form called Anime Music Videos, where one edits footage from one or more anime together with a song, sometimes creating completely original storylines.

I have made several music videos myself, sadly as I was hosting most of them on a domain I long since let expire only my most mediocre examples can now be found (they’re on an old youtube account, I’m not going to divulge the name of).

It was another editor’s video, one that combined a song from Wicked with the anime Mahou Sensei Negima, that first got me interested in Wicked, which lead to me reading Baum’s original books.

I had some interest in Oz before hand but this was my first, unusual step on the Rainbow Road to Oz.


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