An interesting way to view the 1910 film.

Most of the hardcore Oz fans are familiar the the various Oz Silent films that have been produced, three by Baum himself, one infamously by his son, and of course the first effort (not counting the Fairylogue and Raido Plays film scenes), the 1910 film.

Recently the Cheapsake, and internet reviewer who delights in examining the plethora of legal free entertainment on the internet to discover it’s hidden gems and worst duds, teamed up the Block Buster Chick another internet reviewer and big fan of the 1939 Judy Garland Wizard of Oz film to take a look at that first silent film.

What I think you will find is a delightful look at the story from fresh eyes of people who are not die hard L Frank Baum fans, but people who perhaps enjoy his most well known story but are still able to look at this film and take it on it’s own merits.

The commentary may be insightful, and it should provide at some laughs aswell.

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